Dance Gavin Dance - The Robot With Human Hair Pt. 2

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Tres días sin dormir, todavía no termino.
No entiendo, todavía no termino.

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I’m a pile of bones, empty and disposable. Don’t you dare fucking tell me I’m too pretty. Tell me about your fear of loss, right before walking out. I’m still bare, I’m still bare. I’m still bare, I’m still bare, ribs exposed and all. Sleeping endlessly so I can put this body to rest, let me put this body to rest. Indecisive, fucking liar. I’m Disposable. Disposable.

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Tree placed by the sea
An oniric vision you gave to me
Are you real or just a dream?
You jide the clouds of my destiny
My little sister is carving her name in your bark
Stepped by the rain
Her first love she gives to you
Keep it like a treasure until it’s through
Feelings of peace you infused into me
But I’ve seen the end of this dream
Bearer of joy and prosperity
Bearer of the slipknot you are for me.

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Couch King Song Stream: Shirokuma


Shirokuma will be releasing their debut full length Sun Won’t Set through Dog Knights Productions in the near future. Today we are super excited to be streaming the first single, “To Seek Out My Own Sun”. Check out the album art, tracklist, and the single by clicking Read More!


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Burning bridges isn’t so far from the truth/

Moving on is the best part about growing up/

Happiness can’t be achieved/

We’re just becoming so fucking lost/

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